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Deluxe Starter Pack

Deluxe Starter Pack

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Order for just $76.97 today, and you will receive your starter pack at the address you provide along with instructions for how to pick up your plate. 

In addition to the plate, you'll get: 

  • Our brushed aluminum, Less Is More minimalist plate frame, to cover the silver border for an all-black experience. 
  • All-black screw caps to keep your whole plate In the black.
  • Keychain Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, so changing out your plate is easier than ever before.
  • Our popular limited-run In the Black Mesh Trucker hat at an even deeper discount than the sale price.
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Less is More

How it works

We partner with the state of Tennessee to get the In the Black plate to you.

Step 01

For only $47, you can order your starter pack and plate from the convenience of your own computer or mobile device.

Step 02

We'll mail your starter pack to you and coordinate with the state to get the plates shipped to your county.

Step 03

Take your starter pack to the county, collect your plate, register it to your car (each county will charge their own registration fees) and send us a photo!

ONLY $47

Drive In The Black

  • Designed and Manufactured in Tennessee
  • ‘Less Is More’ All Black Design
  • High-Grade Aluminum
  • Pantone Black
  • Support a  “Less Is More” Approach to Governing

Live In the Black.


Get Your Own Custom Number?

For only an additional $35, you can express yourself even more with your own personalized plate number. We will contact you for your selections.